UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY: 69 Years Ago A UFO Crashed In Aztec, Arizona In 1948, And Was Covered Up, Video, UFO Sighting News.


69 Years Ago A UFO Crashed In Aztec, Arizona In 1948, And Was Covered Up, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of crash: 1948
Location of crash: Aztec, Arizona, USA

Its necessary to look again on the previous UFO sightings, however particularly on the UFO crashes that befell in historical past. Here is an in depth have a look at this crash, and the way the proof was overwhelming. Alien our bodies and craft had been discovered, and the general public after all was stored at the hours of darkness. 
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Report states:
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It was the columnist Frank Scully who first alerted the world to sensational tales of recovered alien craft and little males in his best-selling e-book Behind the Flying Saucers revealed in 1950. Scully claimed that as much as that point there had been 4 such recoveries, one among which was alleged to have taken place round Aztec, New Mexico, when sixteen humanoid our bodies had been recovered along with their undamaged craft. According to Scully’s informants, the disk that landed close to Aztec was 99.99 ft in diameter, its exterior fabricated from a lightweight steel resembling aluminum however so sturdy that no quantity of warmth (as much as 10,000 levels was utilized) or diamond-tipped drill had the slightest impact. The disk apparently integrated giant rings of steel which revolved round a central, stabilized cabin, utilizing an unfamiliar gear ratio. There had been no rivets, bolts, screws or indicators of welding. Investigators had been ultimately capable of achieve entry. Scully was advised, due to a fracture in one of many portholes, which they enlarged, revealing a knob contained in the cabin which when pushed (with a pole) precipitated a hidden door to open. Sixteen small humanoids, ranging in peak from 36 to 42 inches, had been supposedly discovered useless contained in the cabin, their our bodies charred to a darkish brown colour. Scully was advised that the craft landed undamaged, having landed below its personal steering. The craft was ultimately dismantled, the investigators having found that it was manufactured in segments which fitted in grooves and had been pinned collectively across the base. The full cabin part, measuring 18 ft in diameter was lifted out of the bottom of the saucer, round which was a gear that fitted a gear on the cabin. These segments, along with the our bodies, had been then transported to Wright Field (Wright Patterson AFB). Some of the our bodies had been later dissected and examined by the Air Force, and had been discovered to be related in all respects to human beings, except for their enamel, which had been excellent.

New Supportive Evidence?

According to necessary data revealed by William Steinman in 1987 there’s a giant grain of reality within the Aztec story, and he has managed to amass some astonishing supportive proof. Like Scully, he’s unwilling to disclose his sources, which inevitably lays him open to prices of fabrication. Steinman found that the Aztec disk got here to earth on 25 March 1948, having been detected by three separate radar items within the southwest, one among which was mentioned to have disrupted the craft’s management mechanism. The space of impression was calculated by triangulation and this data was instantly relayed to Air Defense Command and Gen. George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, who allegedly contacted the MJ-12 group in addition to the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) of the Army Counterintelligence Directorate. The IPU operated out of Camp Hale, Colorado, at the moment, Steinman claims, and its most important operate was to gather and ship disabled or crashed disks to sure specified secret areas. The craft was recovered inside hours by the IPU scout staff about 12 miles northeast of Aztec. General Marshall ordered Air Defense Command to go off alert standing, and the radar items had been suggested that there had been a false alarm. Marshall then gave orders to the commander of the IPU to prepare a restoration staff and contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush – the. head of MJ-12 to assemble collectively a staff of scientists to accompany the IPU to the crash web site. Steinman has named these scientists as follows:

Dr., Lloyd Berkner, Dr. Detlev Bronk, Dr. Carl A. Heiland, Dr. Jerome Hunsaker, Dr. John von Neumann, Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer, Dr. Merle A. Tuve, Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg.

Four of those scientists, it is going to be famous, had been members of the unique MJ-12 panel arrange in September 1947. Dr. Carl A. Heiland was a geophysicist and magnetic sciences professional who was the pinnacle of the Colorado School of Mines, and in response to Steinman leaked particulars of the restoration to one among Scully’s sources, Leo GeBauer. Dr. Horace B. van Vandenberg was an inorganic chemist related to the University of Colorado. Dr. Merle A. Tuve labored for the Office of Scientific Research and Development throughout World War II, and is mainly remembered as a geophysicist for his methods of radio wave propagation of the higher ambiance. Dr. Robert J. Oppenheimer distinguished himself primarily as chief of the Los Alamos atomic bomb mission , commanding the allegiance of the world’s prime physicists. He was the Director of the Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton from 1947 and have become Chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission. Dr. John von Neumann, the well-known Hungarian born mathematician, grew to become a marketing consultant on the atomic bomb (Manhatten Project) in 1943. His most important space of experience lay within the design and improvement of computer systems. The scientists, in response to Steinman, had been advised by Dr. Bush to assemble at Durango Airfield, Colorado, 35 miles to the north of Aztec, with the minimal delay. All these concerned within the restoration had been sworn to an above prime secret oath.

The IPU convoy used a path to the location that prevented most important roads, and on arrival highway blocks had been arrange at strategic factors inside two miles of the restoration space. The proprietor of a ranch and his household had been allegedly held incommunicado and advised by no means to debate the matter (cf. the Roswell incident). Equipment hauling vans had been camouflaged to appear like oil drilling rigs in the course of the operation.

Inside the Craft

A staff of scientists arrived on the web site a little bit later than the IPU staff and commenced dissecting the disk. According to Steinman, they entered the craft one after the other, entry having been gained through a fractured porthole as described in Scully’s account. The portholes themselves regarded metallic and solely appeared translucent on shut inspection. Inside the craft they discovered two humanoids, about two ft in peak, slumped over an instrument panel charred deep brown. Another 12 our bodies lay sprawled on the ground in chamber inside the cabin, making a complete of 14 our bodies (not 16 as Scully had been advised).

An instrument panel supposedly had a number of pushbuttons and levers with hieroglyphic-type symbols, in addition to symbols illuminated on small show screens. Bush and von Neumann found that the management panel had drawers which rolled out, however no wiring might be detected. A e-book composed of parchment-like leaves with the feel of plastic additionally contained the unusual hieroglyphs – much like Sanskrit, Oppenheimer thought. This was given to General Marshall, who then handed it on to 2 main cryptological specialists for evaluation, William F. Friedman and Lambros C. Callihamos (who each later led distinguished careers within the National Security Agency).

Dr. Bronk, a physiologist and biophysicist, examined the our bodies and requested Bush to pay money for cryogenic tools with which to protect them. Cryogenics specialist Dr. Paul A. Scherer, a colleague of Bush’s, was contacted and suggested Bush to acquire some dry ice. Meanwhile, one other small group of scientists and army personnel examined the craft and had been ultimately capable of dismantle it when a number of interlocking key units had been discovered which opened up seams at particular factors.

Three days later the segments had been loaded onto three vans, along with the our bodies, and transported with a tarpaulin marked “Explosives”. The convoy headed at night time by the least conspicuous and sometimes most laborious path to the restricted Naval Auxiliary Airfield Complex at Los Alamos, arriving one week later. Here they remained for over a yr, Steinman claims, earlier than being transported to a different base.

The Bodies

Dr. Paul A. Scherer ultimately obtained particular preservation containers for the least broken our bodies, Steinman relates. One of the businesses which equipped tools was the Air Research Corporation, of which Scherer was Director of Research and Development; it equipped the liquid nitrogen pump, circulation system and refrigeration items. Other specimens got an entire post-mortem, by a staff headed by Dr. Bronk, of biophysicists, histochemists and pathologists. The outcomes had been put in a report, a part of which, Steinman claims, appeared within the “Air Force Project Sign (Grudge) Report No. 13” which has by no means been launched.

According to the report, the our bodies had been described as averaging 42 inches in size. The facial options strongly resembled “mongoloid Orientals” in look, with disproportionately giant heads, giant “slant” eyes, small noses and mouths. The common weight was about 40 kilos. The torsos had been very small and skinny, with very skinny necks. The arms had been lengthy and slender, reaching the knees, with fingers containing lengthy and slender fingers with webbing between them. There was no digestive or gastrointestinal tract, no alimentary or intestinal canal, and no rectal level. No reproductive organs had been obvious. Instead of blood there was a colorless liquid with no pink cells which smelled much like ozone.


Further Evidence

Veteran researcher Leonard Stringfield, a former Air Force intelligence officer who’s the world’s main specialist on what he calls “Retrievals of the Third Kind,” shares my misgivings about a number of the materials in Steinman’s e-book, however we’re each impressed along with his in depth analysis into the Aztec case. Stringfield has uncovered additional proof himself. Captain V. A. Postlethwait, who was on indifferent service with Army G-2 (Intelligence) in 1948, advised Stringfield that he was cleared to see a prime secret cable describing the crash of a saucer-shaped craft 100 ft in diameter and 30 ft excessive, with one porthole damaged, inflicting suffocation to the 5 occupants – who had turned blue because of this. The our bodies had been about 4 ft tall with comparatively giant heads, Postlethwait recollects. The metallic pores and skin of the saucer was too robust to penetrate, though as skinny as newspaper. The incident was mentioned to have occurred close to White Sands, New Mexico. Aside from a number of discrepancies there are some vital parallels with the Aztec case. Postlethwait revealed to Stringfield, for instance, that non-public property was bought to facilitate transporting the craft.

Leonard Stringfield has additionally spoken with Dr. Robert Spencer Carr, a retired University of South Florida professor who claims to have testimonial proof from 5 sources, together with a nurse and a high-ranking Air Force officer who participated within the restoration of a crashed UFO and occupants in 1948 – presumed to be the one at Aztec (though there was one other alleged restoration that yr, simply throughout the Mexican border close to Laredo, Texas). In 1982 Stringfield requested Carr to reveal the title of his principal supply, “on the premise that our ages give us little time tolerance in our search for truth.”

“When Professor Carr named his source,” says Stringfield, “I sat back dumbfounded. I knew his name well in research, and recalled some of his comments on UFOs while he served as an Air Force officer. . . . “Please, Len,” pleaded Carr, “hold the title to your self; please spare me any hassle so long as I stay . . . My key witness participated within the 1948 retrieval and noticed alien our bodies on location.”

According to Bill Steinman, two of Carr’s sources had been aeronautical engineers who supplied necessary data concerning the saucer’s building and propulsion. A supply now named is Arthur Bray (to not be confused with the Canadian researcher), a safety guard concerned with the restoration mission. Carr additionally interviewed a lady whose father was current in the course of the restoration. Information pertaining to the alien craft should be suppressed, he advised his daughter. “If news of this vehicle’s water-driven engine got out to the whole scientific community, that would be the end of the oil industry.” The remark is after all pure rumour, but when there’s any reality in it an additional potential purpose for the cover-up is delivered to gentle.

At the nonetheless fenced-off crash web site on a plateau twelve miles northeast of Aztec, Bill Steinman has uncovered charred and scraped-off rocks of varied sizes in addition to some steel bracing struts which may presumably have been used for supporting the craft. On one among his visits to the realm he was shadowed by two unmarked helicopters.

As for George Bowra’s declare that nobody in Aztec, may recall the incident, Steinman has traced at the least 4 individuals who knew the place the crash web site was situated, one among whom, “V.A.,” remembers that someday between 1948 and 1950 an enormous disk-shaped flying object with a dome on prime skimmed about 100 ft above the bottom not removed from him. The witness identified to Steinman a cliff jutting above the Animas River.

“That thing, or flying saucer, tried hard to clear that cliff, but it hit the very corner up there, shooting sparks and rocks in every direction,” he claims. “Finally, it made a right-angle turn in midair and headed straight north in the direction of the alleged crash site at Hart Canyon. That’s the last I saw of it. I ran into the house and called the military in Albuquerque. I never heard from them about it.”

Steinman first grew to become thinking about UFOs in 1981 when he learn Frank Scully’s e-book, and has since devoted a lot of his time and sources on the Aztec case and the opposite recoveries related to Scully’s claims, typically within the face of discouraging odds. Steinman’s job in high quality assurance and evaluation within the aerospace trade has aided him in probing the advanced and complicated leads that he has pursued.

Writing within the foreword to Steinman’s e-book, UFO Crash at Aztec, Leonard Stringfield explains how, like many others, he was led to consider the Scully story was a hoax, his disbelief lengthy being conditioned by a succession of ufologists who for years claimed that Scully “was duped by a scheming Silas Newton and his cohort, Leo Gebauer.” But now, due to Bill Steinman’s painstaking analysis (in addition to a few of his personal leads), he has been obliged to reevaluate the proof.