An astral projection is an out-of-body expertise achieved both awake or by way of lucid dreaming or deep meditation. During such an expertise you’re consciously conscious of belongings you encounter whereas out of your bodily physique.

In truth your spirit or astral physique has left your bodily physique and travels in one other dimension the so-called astral world whereby the Pineal Gland or the ‘third eye’ operates as a cosmic antenna, which not solely aids the switch of indicators between the completely different dimensional planes and worlds however it has additionally the flexibility of visionary capability to see past space-time throughout an astral journey.

Many individuals dismiss the astral world as little greater than a mind-altering expertise however a lately launched CIA doc means that the astral world in its entirety exists.

During their investigation the CIA did a so-called Reverse Event Horizon expertise and found not solely the excistence of the astral world however additionally they found that our universe is holographic and always creates and destroys itself in a by no means ending cycle, whereby one half encodes the entire, permitting them to clarify the mechanism for human consciousness.

Holograms: Energy creates, shops and retrieves which means within the universe by projecting or increasing at sure frequencies in a 3 dimensional mode that creates a dwelling sample known as a hologram.

According to the research, the human thoughts can be a hologram which attunes itself to the common hologram by the medium of power change thereby deducing which means and reaching the state right into a two dimensional mode which we name consciousness.

So, it signifies that our actuality is nothing greater than a hologram created by thought projection (consciousness) into the bodily gird whereby our bodily physique is nothing greater than the non permanent housing of our astral physique which may journey infinite in different dimensions with out boundaries?

If that must be the case then certainly there may be life after demise however solely as an astral physique that (typically) non permanent return into a brand new bodily physique (reincarnation)….because the doc signifies, the entire course of is a by no means ending cycle.

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