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  1. Warning. If you fear the truth and are easily panicked, then don’t read this.

    Because of what I do truthfulness has to be paramount. Please read on.

    Contact and clashes has already been made. I copied the signal the US government will not tell you about.

    The events of the signal.

    November 2007.

    As I was driving south from Edinburgh city center, Scotland. We, that is two of us noticed a massive light/object that shone like a star but to big to be a star high in the night sky. We arrived at our destination and as I looked at it my brother got his telescope from the house to see what it was. He was first to look at it and then I looked at it and confirmed it wasn’t a star but a circular shape that looked like the shape and texture of a walnut.

    Believe me it was ice cold that night with a crystal clear sky and I was frozen to the bone. We wouldn’t stand looking at a star for over an hour unless it was what I say it was.

    As I was looking at it. The texture walnut shape started to open up in three equal parts. I had to look away because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was scary stuff to comprehend that Alien life form was openly sending a signal to make contact.

    My brother then look and said you have to see this. A black dot right in the middle of it. As I looked I had a strange feeling, of it was observing me looking at it. I don’t know if it was the cold or fear but I couldn’t move. Suddenly from the dot came the signals over and over.
    This lasted for about 30 minutes or so and then it slowly closed in the same way it opened.
    It vanished like switching of a light, gone with no trace. All I could see apart from the night sky stars and moon was the flashing red lights of the air crafts observing the object/light.

    It’s not easy to keep info like this for so long. Just writing about this make me feel sick.

    Yours truly, futureatme

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