I’ve usually puzzled concerning the Voyager probe shut down and this video sums up most of our worries about it. When it shut itself down, many people immediately thought again to that Star Trek 1979 film the place V’ger returned after making contact with aliens. Lets hope nothing like that occurs, but when it does, hopefully when Voyager returns we shall be prepared to speak with it and study from it concerning the alien species that discovered it. 

Scott C. Waring

Video states: 

NASA admits: Someone took management over our plane, we obtained messages from an unknown language
Space probe “Voyager 2” throughout its path via house despatched a message to the bottom of the Earth in a fairly unintelligible language. NASA after over six years didn’t know the rationale, however they know that it cannot be unintended.
“Voyager 2” is the primary spacecraft to depart the photo voltaic system in 2010 and it was within the moments when the spacecraft may enter into interstellar house unusual factor occurred, that NASA would take into account “someone or something” had assumed management over it.
“At a distance of about 15 billion kilometers from Earth, the probe suddenly started sending data in a language which they could never understand,” stated NASA knowledgeable Kevin Baines, experiences Physics Astronomy.
“Something or someone changed the communications system of the space probe Voyager 2,” added Baines.