Location of sighting: Near Earth

Apollo 10 date: May 18-24, 1969

 Here is a tremendous seize throughout Apollo 10 mission. In the NASA archives Streetcap1 of Youtube found this nice picture of an alien craft in Earths orbit. The craft has a raised middle dome within the craft, and the entrance 80% is a disk, whereas the again 20% is flat, which signifies it the again of the ship, compounded by the truth that the skinny rounded aspect is going through the Earth, I’ve simply decided which is the entrance and which is the again aspect of this craft. Its laborious to imagine that such apparent proof is true in entrance of us in NASA images, in straightforward attain of the general public, and but, 99.9% of the Earths inhabitants won’t ever see any of this proof.  This NASA picture is 100% proof that earth is being visited by alien from one other world. 

Scott C. Waring