Date of discovery: April 21, 2017

Location of discovery: Mars

Source picture:

Here is an alien skull I discovered in a Mars picture. This skull has darkish linens across the eye sockets, simply as people do. It has two eye sockets, simply as people do. Its nostril and mouth space appear to be linked. There are two lengthy bones on either side of the mouth space, which might have been a part of the jaw space. Near the attention socket is a curved bone space on the facet of its head, as some human skulls have. I’ve discovered many skulls on Mars and this one appears comparable to some of them. 

I additionally discovered another faces that could be petrified heads, or sculpted heads, its onerous to inform. But for the skull above, its straightforward because the flesh has left the skull and left the attention, mouth cavities to show its actual. Evidence of an excellent struggle? Maybe, however it’s 100% proof that aliens lived and died on Mars way back. 

Now, if NASA would simply do their job, perhaps the general public can study this. 

Scott C. Waring