On November 14, 2004, quite a few aviators and seaman from the USS Nimitz provider battle group had been witness to occasions that demonstrated past any cheap doubt the existence of superior airborne applied sciences far superior to something America presently deploys.

The authorities has lengthy coated up these sorts of UFO incidents, asking service personnel to not focus on the main points however the case of the USS Nimitz and a UFO encounter its crew had on November 14, 2004 have since been independently confirmed by two former senior Pentagon officers, Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo, who’ve spoken on to a number of the pilots concerned, learn extra right here.

Below: Extract taken from the Official Navy occasion doc 2004.

1. Fast Eagles (F-18 110/100) upon take off had been vectored by Princetown and Banger to intercept unid contact. Princeton knowledgeable quick eagles that the contact was shifting at 100 KTS – 25KFT ASL.

2. Fast Eagles (110/100) couldn’t discover unid airborne contact at location given by Princetown. While trying to find unid air contact, Fast Eagles noticed giant unid object in water at 1430L. Pilots noticed steam/smoke/churning round object. Pilot describes object initially as resembling a downed airliner, additionally acknowledged that it was a lot bigger than a submarine.

three. While descending from 24Okay FT to achieve higher view of the unid contact within the water, Fast Eagle 110 sighted an airborne contact which gave the impression to be capsule formed (wingless, cellular, white, rectangular tablet formed, 25-30 Feet in size, no seen markings and no glass) 5NM west from place of unid in water.

four. Capsule (UFO) handed below Fast Eagle 110 then Fast Eagle 110 started flip to amass capsule. While 110 descending and turning, capsule started climbing and turned inside Fast Eagle’s flip radius.

5. Pilot estimated that capsule achieved 600-700 KTS. The 110 couldn’t sustain with the speed of flip and the achieve of altitude by the capsule. 110 misplaced visible ID of capsule in haze. Last visible contact had capsule at 14 KFT heading due east.

6. Fast Eagle 100 was flying excessive cowl and noticed the engagement by Fast Eagle 110 and confirms 110 visible ID. 100 misplaced contact in haze as properly.

This infrared video was allegedly captured from one of many F-18’s (Fast Eagles 100/110) from the U.S. Navy USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group-1, concerned within the UFO incident. This video was leaked on-line by an unknown supply, however was confirmed to be actual by somebody with inside information of the incident based on OpenMindsTV.