The Tower of Babel is a Near Eastern etiological fable that’s recorded in the Jewish Tanakh’s first guide (Genesis); it’s meant to elucidate the origin of completely different languages.

Despite the account in Genesis makes no point out of any destruction of the tower, it stated that the high of the tower was burnt, the backside was swallowed, and the center was left standing to erode over time.

Amazing discovery of an historical pill confirms the Tower of Babel was actual.

An historical pill which was found over a century in the past and dates again to the sixth century BC remained in the non-public assortment of Norwegian businessman Martin Schøyen for years.

Only just lately the pill has been studied by Dr. Andrew George of the University of London who famous that the stone bears a picture seemingly depicting the biblical tower and it describes the constructing course of and the man behind it: Mesopotamia’s most well-known ruler, King Nebuchadnezzar II.

Besides the first-ever picture of the actual Tower of Babel is depicted on the pill it proves that the tower of Babel will not be a fable nevertheless it actually existed.