According to historic texts there was a fourth pyramid situated at Giza plateau and it was made of a darkish or black granite-like stone.

During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden, a Danish naval captain, and explorer, made intensive notes, drawings and maps of pyramids, historic monuments and the structure, and so forth. which was printed in his book Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

On web page 120 of his book Norden describes the mysterious fourth Pyramid:

“The principal pyramids are on the east, south-east of Gize.
There are 4 of them; that deserve the best consideration of the curious.
For tho we see seven or eight others in the neighborhood, they’re nothing in comparability to the previous.
The two most northerly pyramids are the best and have 5 hundred ft perpendicular top.
The two others are a lot much less, however have some particularities, which event their being examined and admired.”

“It is with out coating, closed and resembles the others, however with none temple just like the first.
It has nonetheless, one specific deserving comment; which is, that its summit is terminated by a single nice stone, which appears to have served as a pedestal.
The fourth pyramid has been made, upwards above the center, of a stone extra black than the widespread granite, and at the least as arduous. Its summit is of a yellowish stone.”

“I shall converse elsewhere of its prime, which terminates in a dice.
It is, furthermore, located out of the road of the others being extra to the west…it makes a sequence with the three others.”

Although Norden’s descriptions are very detailed and the superb illustrations present the place of the fourth black pyramid situated at a long way from the three well-known pyramids at Giza, Egyptologists counsel that Norden unintentionally refers to a satellite tv for pc’ pyramid of Menakure as a fourth pyramid.

But the satellite tv for pc pyramids are made of sandstone whereas Norden described in element that the fourth pyramid was made of a stone tougher than granite and really darkish or black. It appears unlikely that he has referred to a satellite tv for pc pyramid.

So, is it potential that the Giza plateau as soon as featured a fourth pyramid made of black or very darkish granite or as Col. Vyse already instructed in 1840 that Norden has described one of the Menkaure satellite tv for pc pyramids because the fourth black pyramid at Giza. The smaller Menkaure pyramids are certainly darker than the opposite pyramids, however definitely not black.

Aerial view of the Giza plateau together with two of Norden’s drawings.

But one thing just isn’t proper. If we’re his drawings we see solely 4 pyramids.

Is it potential that Norden neglected the satellite tv for pc pyramids that are near the opposite ones?

Given the superb descriptions and illustrations it appears unlikely that he missed the satellite tv for pc pyramids, besides if they’ve been (partially) buried in the sand.

Furthermore, let’s assume he is proper concerning the existence of a fourth darkish/black pyramid, then the place are the stays of this pyramid?