According to an novice archaeologist he has simply discovered some model new proof of historical aliens and UFOs, in India.

He states: You are going to have a look at cave work of a spacecraft and historical astronauts for the very first time, this info has by no means been printed anyplace earlier than. These cave work are in a distant village known as Onake Kindi in the southern India.

Remember, cave work of extraterrestrials had been discovered three years in the past in India, however the cave work I’m displaying you now are in a completely new location, which is 800 miles away.

These work not solely present historical astronauts, but in addition present the precise spacecraft, the flying saucer in which they landed.

But is that this actually a flying a saucer, a spacecraft?

Let us take a good take a look at what this portray reveals: A big spherical object with 2 human like figures standing inside. They appear to be holding one thing like a ladder, as if to get down from the highest. The legs of these figures are painted like waves, as a substitute of straight strains. On high, there may be a small chamber which appears to have some units.

It is a disgrace we will’t see the remaining of the main points, as a result of the portray has light away.

Now, earlier than we go any additional, let’s take a step again and take a look at it objectively, like an archaeologist.

Is it potential that there’s a less complicated rationalization? What if these are simply human beings standing inside a giant wheel? What if these two guys are simply common individuals, inside a spherically designed home, and are utilizing a ladder?

But such a state of affairs is not possible. Why? Because all specialists agree that these are prehistoric cave work, which implies these work had been made by cavemen who didn’t methods to create a wheel or to construct even a mud hut.

Experts affirm that these work had been created 1000’s of years earlier than human beings learnt methods to construct properties, temples and wheels.

These primitive males didn’t even have metallic instruments and had been searching animals with stone and different primitive instruments.

All specialists agree that cave work are typically probably the most authentic depictions of actual life, as a result of the cave males had no creativeness, they painted solely what they noticed.


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