How over the ages have we managed to class History as Mythology it’s important to surprise, is it just because the Powers that had been at Play on this Earth 1000’s of years in the past didn’t match our understanding in comparatively fashionable occasions?

By calculating the decrypted info obtained from the Papyrus of Turin, we receive the preliminary interval, known as the dominion of Ptah, creator and first ruler of historic Egypt, courting again 39,000 years!

The Egyptian historic texts usually are not the one one to file extraordinarily lengthy life and kingdom reigns and simply because the Sumerians state that they didn’t develop their information, however that it was given to them.

Just because the Incans advised the Conquistadors “We did not build this. It was here long before us.”

Why is it that people don’t know their true origins and why all of the issues they have found in Egypt and in all places else have been evaded us?

Because it will change each facet of life right here!


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