Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews the influential writer of Forbidden Archaeology Michael Cremo on his controversial analysis into the relationship of human origin, historical civilizations and the potential widespread impression of Extraterrestrial cultures on human growth.

Cremo’s diligent investigation into the topic of Prehistory turned up a collection of anomalies that strongly counsel a a lot older date for the creation of humanity, together with finely manufactured spheres uncovered in South Africa that date all the means again to a staggering two billion years!

Scientific Cover-Up.

Cremo strongly disagrees with mainstream scientific and archaeological assertions that human beings acquired their primitive begin as cave dwellers round 200,000 B.C. and have solely had comparatively excessive tradition for six thousand years.

He has catalogued surprising artifacts and bodily proof for over twenty years that present not solely was there a complicated pre-diluvian tradition that existed far earlier than recorded historical past, however that it was predated by 10 million years by the legacy of a complicated human society.

He sees an enormous cowl up in scientific circles as their focus has steadily moved in the direction of a restricted scientific materialism in the final 2 hundred years.

The UFO Enigma and Ancient Sanskrit Accounts of Vimanas.

Cremo has pieced collectively from early Sanskrit accounts the devastating impression of a excessive tech flying machine that existed in antiquity known as a ‘Vimana’ by the ancients.

According to the Ramayana and different Sanskrit accounts, vimanas had been able to projecting themselves into a number of locations without delay, in what right this moment may very well be described as quantum tremendous positions.

They had been thereby unimaginable to defend in opposition to. This fascinating flying marvel was accountable for the devastation of Dwarka, an historical paradise that resembles Plato’s description of the legendary Atlantis.

The hanging similarity between modern-day UFO Sightings and the detailed historical descriptions of the Vimana lets us know that no matter the UFO Phenomena represents it has been with humanity for a really very long time.