Date of sighting: Oct and Nov 2017

Location of sighting: Wellfleet, Nebraska, USA

Source: MUFON #88347

I enlarged the UFOs and included them onto the submitted pictures for the readers to higher examine. The one above does have the most effective element and does fall right into a form that some UFOs have been reported having. This one cam picture may be very baffling, however for those who add to the truth that the town of Wellfeet has a complete inhabitants of about 76 folks, then it builds on this proof, since usually UFOs are seen in low populated areas. 

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 

We stay within the nation and the closest city is a mile away with solely 73 folks dwelling there. I positioned a sport digital camera to regulate my gravel driveway which is about 200 yards lengthy. It lays on the East facet of corn discipline and due South is the course the sport digital camera is pointing. About 1/2 mile away throughout a protracted draw and creek mattress, you’ll be able to see the electrical transmission traces alongside the hilltop. Attached are 5 pictures from the digital camera all from 28 October 2017 inside four hours of one another. I’m not positive what these objects are. Photo STC0219 appears to be like type of like a climate balloon, but when that is what it’s – it seems to be drifting in opposition to the prevailing winds, that are usually from the NW – not the SE. I am not even positive anybody would launch a climate balloon this removed from wherever. STC0680 and STC0681 are throughout the identical minute. First – there was nothing – then this darkish disk. Again, it appears to be like like an orb but it surely actually wasn’t round for lengthy – a balloon would have been captured in a number of frames. STC 0207 and STC 0247 are additionally disks – might they be drones? I do not know – for those who examine them to the transmission traces these poles are tall and broad – maybe 40-50 ft aside. If that is any reference I’d suspect the spherical objects have to be a minimum of 30 ft in diameter, and the ‘lazy triangular’ object in picture STC0219 would point out to me that’s bigger than 50′ throughout and even taller. I waited a number of weeks to obtain this sport digital camera, and was slightly stunned to see all these objects within the sky inside four hours of one another. We do have a industrial rotary wing plane that often flies over. I think it’s ‘air care’ however the objects in these pictures do NOT appear like helicopters to me, and I served over 22 years within the Army.