Date of discovery: Sept 23, 2017

Location of discovery: Planet Ceres…no its not a dwarf! Ceres finds that offensive and is simply smaller than different planets. 

Below is the untouched authentic, simply shut up is all. Above is the white construction with added shadow to carry out the white corners of the constructing.

It is feasible that NASA itself blocked out the construction with white cubes, besides, the smaller space is clearly not ice, and are literally constructions…an alien base. I do imagine that NASA is making an attempt to down play this situation to confuse the general public, however the proof is obvious…its a constructing advanced of hundred of constructions tied collectively.

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

This constructing is within the form of a phrase on this explicit alien language. Much like three letter C which might be connected to at least one one other and in the identical route. 

On the ship under, discover that the nostril of the ship (left facet of the ship) is raised and there’s a shadow under it as proof that it’s above the bottom…solely within the entrance. The tail part is resting on the floor. 

Below is a white hand that’s holding one thing just like the deal with of a torch. I can simply make out three fingers on one facet and one other finger or thumb on the opposite facet of the deal with.