Asteroid 2012 TC4 is heading towards Earth, with NASA claiming it provides their scientists an opportunity to check its area threat-scanning capability.

The asteroid has been out of vary of telescopes since 2012. But on July 27, 31, and then once more on Aug. 5, the approaching asteroid 2012 TC4 was noticed once more by Olivier Hainaut, Detlef Koschny and Marco Micheli of the European Space Agency utilizing one of many European Southern Observatory’s eight.2-meter telescopes at its Very Large Telescope Observatory.

The scientists mentioned they’re “excited” by the asteroid, which might be as massive as 130 toes in measurement and is anticipated to fly previous Earth on October 12 and although scientists can’t but predict precisely how shut it would method, they’re sure it would come no nearer than four,200 miles (6,800 kilometers) from the floor of Earth whereas NASA mentioned it is “absolutely certain” the rock will miss the planet.

This asteroid was first noticed in 2012 and it was this asteroid that fearful individuals who thought the Mayan historic civilization has predicted the tip of the world.

At this second the asteroid is approaching at about 30,000 mph (14 kilometers per second), and will proceed to brighten – reaching 13th magnitude at time of closest method.

NASA scientists are planning to make use of its upcoming October shut method to Earth as a possibility not just for science, however to check NASA’s planetary protection system. The protection won’t fireplace missiles from Earth into area but, they need to monitor the asteroid solely.