Be Aware! Earth’s Resonance Frequency is accelerating as fast as 40 Hertz! |UFO Sightings Hotspot

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks within the extraordinarily low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic area spectrum. Schumann resonances are world electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges within the cavity shaped by the Earth’s floor and the ionosphere. For a few years this resonance frequency has hovered […]

Weird Thing Flying From Cloud Above The Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico |UFO Sightings Hotspot

On June 17, 2017 the Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico began erupting on which Kat Martin determined to file the eruption within the occasion of an enormous eruption, if it occurred. Although an enormous eruption didn’t occurred she recorded one thing very unusual within the clouds above the volcano, as a bizarre factor emerged from a principal […]

Thermal Camera Captures Invisible V-shaped UFO Anomaly over Bucharest, Romania |UFO Sightings Hotspot

An invisible V-shaped UFO anomaly flying over Bucharest, Romania on July 15, 2017 was captured by Mihai Daniel Dragu, whereas utilizing a thermal digital camera. Credit picture: Mihai Daniel Dragu. Mihai Daniel Dragu: “This is the third attempt to film a disc shaped UFO which I saw it without having a recorder installed but I […]

Weird Manta-Ray-shaped appearance spotted in the clouds over Cheswick, Pennsylvania |UFO Sightings Hotspot

While taken photographs from solar/clouds a photographer in Cheswick, PA noticed a “Manta-Ray”-shaped object in the sky on July 30, 2017 and from his location with the digital camera pointed in the direction of s/w sky he managed to take a photograph of the unusual appearance. According to the photographer, the object, which had no […]

Solar Blast Illuminates Unidentified Flying Objects Near the Sun |UFO Sightings Hotspot

There is at all times a lot debate about the nature of the mysterious cube-shaped objects close to the solar typically noticed in NASA’s satellite tv for pc pictures. While some individuals say these objects are picture processing errors, others consider such a cube-shaped object is in actual fact NASA’s manner of hiding unidentified flying […]

Edgar Cayce’s Unique Vision of the Antarctica Atlantis Connection Revealed |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Dr. Joseph Farrell analyzing the unusual historical past and the latest peculiar happenings round the mysterious icy continent of Antarctica. The chance that Antarctica as soon as shaped a component of Atlantis in historic instances is explored, together with the concept pole shift passed off 12,000 years in the past […]