UFO – the awareness of humanity.: Mysterious giant ring structure in Germany

More and extra individuals on Earth, see the mysterious phenomena in the sky, in addition to unidentified flying objects. Governments of all nations withhold data from its residents and put strain on witnesses and the media. This useful resource was created to advertise the free circulate of data on UFOs and paranormal phenomena, bypassing the […]

After a NDE Dr. Tony Cicoria began receiving music compositions from “The Other Side” |UFO Sightings Hotspot

In 1994, Dr. Anthony Cicoria was struck by lightning and virtually misplaced his life. After he was struck, he had an out-of-body expertise the place he says he noticed his personal physique mendacity on the ground. In this interview, Dr. Cicoria describes what it was like getting struck by lightning and the sensation he had […]

The Asteroid – The Flood – Atlantis and the Alien Gods |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Digital archaeologist Stan Deyo presents his current discoveries about: The lacking reason behind the Flood.The appropriate location of Atlantis.The awakening of Atlantis and the imminent return of its ‘gods’.The antichrist of our time may come up from the ashes of Atlantis. Stan Deyo made a discovery that the precise asteroid that began the Flood hit […]

Mars 2017 Curiosity Rover compilation of past and present life on the Planet |UFO Sightings Hotspot

In the subsequent video Martian Archaeology reveals us a compilation of artifacts and different fascinating options on the planet Mars taken by NASA’s mars rover Curiosity. Life on Mars is a topic of vital curiosity to astrobiology because of the planet’s proximity and similarities to Earth and though there may be sufficient proof of past […]

“Brazilian Jungle Mysterious Stone” Ritual Of Nephilim Worship |UFO Sightings Hotspot

A “copy” of Stonehenge, found by Brazilian scientists, was filmed on video within the Amazon rainforest. According to the researchers, the traditional man-made construction erected the Amazon area was used for ritual capabilities, reviews sputniknews. Scientists counsel that the tropical forests of South America nonetheless harbor many mysteries These geoglyphs, giant designs shaped on the […]