In the November 2017 Jimmy Kimmel present President Barack Obama talks about the fight against AIDS and the nice progress that has been made in direction of eliminating the illness as soon as and for all.

During his speech he involves the level that he’s asking the individuals to hitch his fight against AIDS and says “If you do, I’ll share our files of Aliens.”

On which Jimmy Kimmel says “you can’t do that”


“We can’t do that either?”
“But I have them”
“They’re in my desk right now”

Kimmel once more: “All right, Fine”

While in the 2015 Jimmy Kimmel present, President Barack Obama denies data of Aliens now he immediately states that he has secret categorized UFO and Alien files proper in his desk!

It is well-known that White House officers and even US Presidents are stored in the Dark about any info on categorized authorities applications involving UFOs and Aliens.

Nobody outdoors DoD, together with the Secretary of State, is deemed to have a have to find out about the nation’s alleged secret UFO and alien database, together with Area 51 in Nevada, so we could assume that even Obama, apart from info on a “have to know foundation“, didn’t have entry to any info on categorized authorities applications involving UFOs and Aliens throughout his presidency.

So no less than Obama’s assertion could be very uncommon and we could wonder if he actually has such UFO and Alien files in his desk.

Besides, the fight against AIDS is affordable even with out the publication of the UFO and Alien files or it have to be that he has a legitimate motive to attach categorized UFO and Alien files with AIDS which amongst conspiracy theories isn’t brought on by a virus in any respect.