As firemen battle the devastating hearth on the Grenfell Tower a UFO is definitely seen in the sky above.

Witness 1: Whilst watching a report concerning the Grenfell Tower hearth in London on Euronews on TV right now, 16, I noticed a reasonably peculiar white object which gave the impression to be flying in a straight vector behind two firemen on a ladder.


Witness 2: While I used to be maintaining with this tragic occasion, watching the BBC information channel right now I occurred to note this unusual object fly past the burned out Grenfell tower block.

I’ve recorded this footage on my telephone from my tv set so high quality just isn’t at its finest, however you may clearly see a UFO in the background throughout this stay interview.

When the hearth officers activate the hose a big white object comes into shot, it’s not an plane form and too quick to be a airplane.