Members of the US House Armed Services Committee have voted to create a “Space Corps,” a sixth department of the nation’s armed forces centered on navy maneuvers past the Earth’s ambiance.

The house corps, which has but to achieve full approval, would take up the entire Air Force’s present house missions underneath the umbrella of a brand new US Space Command might be applied as quickly as January 2019 reviews RTnews.

It is hanging that underneath the plan all operations involving the Air Force’s secretive X-37B house aircraft would fall underneath the management of the US Space Corps.

The X-37B house aircraft has flown 4 clandestine missions to date, carrying secret payloads on long-duration flights in Earth orbit.

Many individuals wonder if the X-37B house aircraft is used for house weapon exams: It’s a secret undertaking to make conflict in house or they wonder if the aircraft is used as a shuttle service for the transportation of astronauts to and from the key Solar Warden Fleet?

The payload bay which measures 7 ft lengthy by four ft large (2.1 by 1.2m) gives sufficient house for one or two astronauts.

With the announcement of the US Space Corps we’d wonder if it’s a covert operation and truly a subsequent step to unveil the existence of the Solar Warden Space Fleet which might match completely.

Another cause for concern is the chance that this new US Space Corps might be used for a false flag alien invasion whether or not or not together with the key house fleet and superior blue beam expertise.

The house corps, which might be the primary new navy service since 1947, isn’t particularly banned by the Outer Space Treaty, a 1967 worldwide settlement outlawing the usage of the moon and different celestial our bodies from getting used as navy outposts.