Strange lights darting on prime of a UFO-like cloud, the moon appears to be rectangular, odd rainbow cloud and different weird atmospheric phenomena have been captured all through the world final week.

A shocking picture of a wierd atmospheric phenomenon has been captured by beginner astronomer John Stetson over Casco Bay in Maine on July 9, 2017.

While watching the moonrise from Dyer Point in Cape Elizabeth, Stetson noticed the moon abruptly turning into an oblong form.

Wondering what occurred and searching for a proof it seems that the oblong moon is the impact of a mixture of heat and chilly air assembly off the shoreline of Maine.

Another unusual sky phenomenon has been filmed in Thailand final week when the witness noticed a wierd mild darting on the prime of a UFO-like cloud.

This phenomenon is a so-called cumulonimbus cloud and is the impact of daylight reflecting off ice crystals aligned with the electrical discipline simply above the highest of cloud. See video of the UFO-cloud right here.

And on July four, 2017 one thing actually unusual occurred within the sky over US when folks witnessed a weird rainbow cloud shut to a different unusual luminous mild seen between a HAARP-like cloud cowl. See video of the rainbow cloud right here.

As we all know HAARP, NORAD and different comparable services all over the world can manipulate the climate and create what seems to be a standard climate phenomenon however the truth is essentially the most of those sorts of sky phenomena are misplaced and brought on by high-tech climate experiments, in keeping with conspiracy theorists.