Date of discovery: Nov three, 2017

Location of discovery: Earths moon

I found these things at present. Two faces, one seems human and from the aspect view, the opposite face is that of a cat-like species. This sounds ridiculous, however a cat species tried to talk to a Russian management tower and the entire dialog of the feline sounds with the management tower individuals warning them was on Youtube for years. I reported it the day it occurred, so sure, its actual. So actual, that each video on Youtube with the voice has been deleted out of every video. Very odd, I keep in mind listening to the cat like meowing once I listened to it way back. Here is a video hyperlink among the movies of it, however the meowing is gone! A 2011 sighting. Some darkish power goes via the movies, deleting sections that it does not need individuals to listen to. Its simply 5-7 seconds of meowing, so why is that this so secret, that then wanted alien tech to delete this data from Youtube and the online? 

Scott C. Waring