Using Google Earth I stumbled upon an odd object on the slope of a mountain vary on an island off the coast of Antarctica.

After zooming in on the out-of-place object it seems to be a UFO partially buried inside the ice.
Using the timeline, the UFO can’t be seen in the 2004 picture solely in the 2005 picture whereby the seen half of the UFO is about 16 meters in diameter and three meters excessive assuming that the largest half of the UFO remains to be buried beneath the ice.

Suppose the object will not be a ridge or half of the panorama however certainly a UFO and also you examine the Antarctica UFO with some sorts of Nazi UFOs, like the Haunebu, then there are some outstanding similarities, like the home windows in the higher half of all the UFOs.

So, it’s doable that the object is one of Hitler’s post-war survival ‘Antarctica’ UFOs, a greater than 70-year-old Nazi UFO, which has turn out to be partially seen because of quick melting ice sheets attributable to the ongoing local weather change?
Decide for your self, listed here are the coordinates: 61°57’51.64″S 58° 3’42.73″W

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