August 6, 2016 – Location: Bay of Fundy Nova Scotia. While tenting at my mates cottage close to the seashore I used to be watching a reasonably intense lightning storm roll into the mouth of the bay off the Atlantic.

Two screenshots taken from the video. Credit: Mufon.

We had been ready for our bar-b-q to complete and I started to movie the storm hoping to get some good pictures of the lightning as I waited.

The storm was nonetheless an excellent 20 minutes away however the lightning was going straight down into the water nearly each time and I continued to movie for about 2 minutes….nothing out of the peculiar apart from one very shut double flash of lightning and fast loud bang!

I put my digicam away, ate supper as the storm handed overhead and thought nothing extra of it till 2 or three days later once I was going by way of the footage, from lightning strike to lightning strike, and I might see on a cylindrical like object the measurement of a semi trailer flying out of the bay on an angle at an unimaginable velocity an angle throughout the sky by way of the double flash and up into the clouds.

Three enlarged pictures displaying the cylinder UFO taken from the video. Credit: Mufon.

I’ve some unbelievable video of the occasion and much more unbelievable footage (Witness: “Screenshots taken from the video”). I’ve spent nearly eight months searching for assist and getting nowhere….. I will ship the video if somebody takes my footage severely. Mufon case 82086.