Date of sighting: May three, 2017
Location of sighting:  Lichtenberg crater, Earths moon
Source photograph:

I discovered this darkish black construction right this moment. These constructions litter the floor of our moon and I’ve discovered tens of hundreds, however reported just a few, as a result of its troublesome to search out them in prime quality pictures in order that they’ll simply be shared. This is an enormous one and close to it’s a small constructing. The stealth black of the constructing makes it radar resistant and it simply blends into the shadows. The ships are not like something you possibly can think about. They appear bio-mechanical (grown) as a result of most are barely uneven in in areas. It could be very probably that these are ships, or buildings that may transfer from place to put, very like todays motorhomes on Earth, simply 50,000X bigger. 
Scott C. Waring