Many individuals imagine that the Apollo moon landings have been one of many greatest hoaxes in human historical past.
They imagine that NASA has created this hoax. They truly by no means traveled to the moon and that all the pieces was staged and filmed right here on earth.

Personally I imagine that the moon landings have been actual however in case you take a look at a selected moon touchdown picture displaying one of many astronauts and also you take a look at a close-up view of the astronaut’s helmet then within the visor reflection you see a mysterious determine that doesn’t actually seem like an astronaut.

Now conspiracy theorists recommend that the mysterious determine could possibly be a member of the movie crew who has filmed the so-called moon touchdown right here on earth.

Rather than a member of the movie crew perhaps the unusual determine within the visor reflection is simply the second astronaut together with his digital camera strapped to his chest of his astronaut’s house swimsuit aimed in the direction of the primary astronaut as seen within the picture or the picture was taken from a gradual, tripod-mounted digital camera utilizing the digital camera timer earlier than taking the picture?

Maybe however then once more, in case you examine the astronaut in his astronaut’s house swimsuit with the unusual determine as seen within the visor reflection then certainly the determine doesn’t actually seem like an astronaut however extra like an individual sitting on a square-like field.

Image above: Left – astronaut in house swimsuit, Middle – determine in visor reflection, Right – identical determine “sitting on a square-like box” however in unfavourable picture.

Here is the unique NASA hyperlink and resolve for your self whether or not the determine within the visor reflection is the second astronaut, a member of the movie crew on earth or one thing else.

Link: https://historical