Guys I discovered the door once more, however this time I discovered 3 completely different photographs from completely different angles, all present that the door does exist on this unusual stone. I say stone, however surly its not stone, however the outdoors partitions of a makeshift residence. The doorway is completely symmetrical to the bottom so that somebody can step from the bottom into the doorway simply. The doorway is about 3 inches excessive by 2 inches and is 100% proof tiny alien species with intelligence as soon as existed on Mars. I’m certain there are a whole bunch of different UFO researches on the market that would agree with me. 

The actual query is, how has the Mars Curiosity Rover neglected this doorway? And why hasn’t NASA reported it instantly. I can simply discover it in at the very least 10 extra photographs, so surly NASA has seen it. But then once more, NASAs secret actual job is to drip feed the general public details about prospects of life in area. Therefore NASA would get gov funding for the subsequent 50-100 years earlier than they resolve to inform the general public. 

But, you might have me…and I do not give a shit what NASA needs or would not need. I will give it to you straight and if NASA would not like that, then they’ll go discover every others Uranus within the NASA Johnson air brushing room. But then once more, they in all probability already are. 

Scott C. Waring