About Dr Stevenson

Dr. Stevenson has labored for the final forty years amassing scientific documentation of previous life reminiscences of kids from all all over the world. He has over 3000 instances in his recordsdata. Skeptics and students, agree that these instances provide the very best proof lastly show reincarnation is an actual phenomenon. He makes use of instances from topics which have spontaneous recall and that aren’t underneath hypnosis, and he goes to work verifying information to show these children are proper.

Dr Stevenson’s Credentials:

* He is a medical physician.

* He has written many scholarly papers to his credit score earlier than he started analysis on reincarnation.

* Former Head of the Division of Personality Studies on the University of Virginia.

“Either he [Dr. Stevenson] is making a colossal mistake. Or he will be known as the Galileo of the 20th century.” Dr Harold Lief within the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease

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