Date of discovery: Oct 6, 2017

Location of discovery: Mars, Sol 1814

 I found a dragon head or reptile head that was clearly seen by the rover, for the reason that rover tracks run nearly over it. When a rover comes this shut to an historic artifact and there’s no huge announcement on the information…you already know that NASA is hiding the reality from the general public. That NASA was shaped to disguise not share the details about alien life in area and past. 

Remember that well-known mars donut (rock like object) that was in a single picture and gone within the next? It walked away. NASA had video footage of it, and but, they by no means shared that footage. Why? Because it walked away! The fact can’t be shared…its one in all NASAs guidelines. 

Whenever you hear about NASA disproving one thing…what they’re actually doing is protecting it up, hiding it from you…the general public. 

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan