In this new Linda Moulton Howe video, she talks about of how planet Earth has been the laboratory playground of Ancient Aliens for over 270 million years.

Linda explains Ancient gods and myths are all actual – historic gods have been beings with superior intelligence who visited planet Earth and affected human historical past, for higher and for worse.

In truth, historic hieroglyphics do seem on modern-day UFOs: “Some people that have worked in these facilities have all talked about ancient hieroglyphics on these crafts.”

Linda Moulton Howe explains UFOs and ET life is a posh, mysterious and tough subject to analyze and has been stored prime secret for functions of nationwide safety.

They take monumental measures to maintain it secret, as a result of they actually really feel that is what is wanted to cope with the UFO phenomenon for all of us.

There are good and dangerous ET species, known as “friendlies” and “unfriendlies,” and they’re at warfare in area and on our planet.


In the subsequent video Linda Moulton Howe and Barbara Lamb sit down with Alexis Brooks to debate the chance of a galactic warfare. But is it occurring above our heads or beneath our ft?

According to Linda, mysterious “BIG BOOMS” being reported by individuals worldwide have been occurring since 2011 and the rise in these anomalous booms could also be indicating a warfare happening underground between people and ET’s.

They focus on the scope of agendas sure ET races have towards humanity. Are their intentions good, dangerous, or a bit of each?

This episode was filmed on-location on the 15th Annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles in February of 2017.