Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Dr. Joseph Farrell analyzing the unusual historical past and the latest peculiar happenings round the mysterious icy continent of Antarctica.

The chance that Antarctica as soon as shaped a component of Atlantis in historic instances is explored, together with the concept pole shift passed off 12,000 years in the past and could also be chargeable for its present place on the globe.

Edgar Cayce’s distinctive imaginative and prescient of the enigmatic Atlantean ‘Mighty, Terrible Fire Crystal’ or ‘Tuaoi Stone’ which powered the misplaced civilization is theorized as being the trigger for the destruction and inundation of Atlantis.

Cayce’s High Technology Version of Atlantis.

While many esoteric traditions embrace the idea of a root tradition that rose to nice heights and destroyed itself, Cayce’s distinctive model of Atlantis had them situated on the coronary heart of the Atlantic Ocean and absolutely outfitted with Advanced Technology, Flying Ships, Solar Power Stations, Laser Weapons, and Age Rejuvenation Centers.

He noticed two main teams vying for energy: the Sons of the Law of One, a spiritually superior race of psychic avatars, and the Sons of Belial, a strong group of black magic sorcerers and shadowy engineers.

The battle between these two teams really set off volcano exercise as a consequence of misuse of the Fire Crystals and was chargeable for splitting the continent into three islands between Florida on one facet and Spain on the different.

Eventually the superior members of the Law of One group survived based the Ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations and have been chargeable for the cultural pyramid constructing as a technique to protect their ancestral reminiscence.

With the newest happenings and developments that Dr. Farrell has been monitoring since final yr, is it attainable a small half of this Atlantean group additionally went to Antarctica?