Date of picture: January 29, 1996

Location of sighting: Phobos, a moon of Mars

I discovered this egg shaped ship tilted on the floor of Phobos this week. The craft has a number of slit openings and two very brilliant spherical lights on its prime heart. The craft appears bio-engineered was grown, which should you assume about it, is a great, quick and environment friendly option to make know-how. That is why this ship has few no proper hand corners or flat panels. Cool huh? Sure it’s. Even astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentioned, “there is a giant monolith on Mars. When people find out about that, they will ask, who put that there?” This is a extremely superb discovery about an alien tradition that’s so superior, they develop their ships. Can you see them rising fleets of small fighter craft, and battleships, explorers and mining vessels? Makes  you have a look at agriculture in a complete new means. And your mother and father cried about altering the genetic make up of corn, rice and different greens and fruit. Just wait until your mother and father see this.  

Scott C. Waring-Taiwan