Date of sighting: May 2017

Location of sighting: Leeds, UK

This could possibly be an indication that the god Horus is alive and properly. If thats true, then he/she might be simply an alien species that got here to earth way back to indulge its personal ego, then left when it had its full. Apparently its nonetheless obtained its eye on Earth, however I believe individuals will probably be much less prepared at present to observe Horus than they had been three,000 years in the past. 

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Scott C. Waring

News states:
An beginner photographer was left dumbstruck when he captured a putting eye-shaped cloud making a quite chilling spectacle within the sky above his dwelling.
Father-of-two Graham Telford noticed the bizarre meteorological sighting looming over Leeds, Yorkshire, on Wednesday.
The 46-year-old stated he could not assist feeling like ‘he was being watched’ whereas photographing the peculiar formation.
Conspiracy theorists and cloud watchers alike have since claimed the cloud is the ‘eye of god’ or proof of authorities surveillance.