UFO and Paranormal investigator Mundo Desconocido offers data that has by no means been proven publicly, it talks concerning the present scenario on the planet Earth and its colonization by aliens. The data comes from a synthesis of knowledge offered by the world’s Ummo, known as Ummitas.

Have we been invaded by alien beings? And in that case, why it isn’t disclosed to the general public?

What sorts of beings have invaded us? What are their targets? There are constructive issues that we defend them? What is the present scenario?

The information has been offered by the Ummita civilization. These beings declare to come back from the planet UMMO, a planet in orbit across the pink dwarf Wolf Wolf 424 (positioned within the constellation Virgo).

According to the experiences they arrived on Earth on March 28, 1950 and landed very near La Javie within the French Low Alps.

After they landed they disguised themselves so the people wouldn’t acknowledge them, then they started to contact the primary people and began to research the planet: customs, tradition, language, and so on. earlier than they offered their information which counted totally different scientific features of their planet, their know-how and their society to a number of folks all through the world.

Subsequently, within the mid-1990s, José Luis Jordán Peña confessed to be the creator and instigator of the so-known as Ummita civilization.

Despite statements by Jordan Peña, there are nonetheless teams of believers, such because the Bolivian ‘Hijas de Ummo’. Another group the ‘Ummo sciences’ declare to comply with a extra rigorous scientific technique whereby one particular person within the group proclaims to have deciphered the language of Ummo and that it’s totally different from every other terrestrial one.

There are many questions which Mundo Desconocido will reply within the subsequent fascinating video. (Video-caption English-the above textual content is a tough translation of the story).