London, England – 06-12-17 – I used to be sitting within the backyard, exterior my constructing, once I observed one thing shiny within the sky.

I knew it was not kind of airplane, as a result of I dwell underneath the flight path to 2 airport, Gatwick to the South and Heathrow heading to the North.

I at all times take my digicam and binoculars exterior day or night time.

I took out my digicam (previous TZ8) and zoomed in and began taking photos, I managed to get a number of photos earlier than the UFO disappeared into the clouds and that was the final I noticed of that one.

When I appeared on the photos, I used to be so shocked at what I used to be , I made a decision, I used to be not staying out facet anymore. I used to be getting scared and since then, it’s been hell.