The thriller of what occurred to a forestry worker referred to as Robert Taylor on a chilly November morning greater than 30 years in the past is one which has baffled all who have examined the case, together with the police, who preserve the file open and contemplate it “unexplained”.

He arrived for work as regular in his company-owned pick-up truck along with his Irish pink setter Larah and began to stroll down the trail into the woods.

But as he rounded the trail into a clearing he was completely astonished to see what he later described as a “large dome-shaped object” of about 20-30ft circumference hovering 15ft above the floor of the grass.

He stated that elements of it appeared to vanish across the edges, it could appear to dematerialize so he may see the bushes behind it, then solidify once more.

As he watched it, what resembled two WWII sea mines dropped from beneath the article and rolled in the direction of him and simply earlier than they reached him a burning odor, like burning brake strains, flooded the world and he heard a loud swishing noise.

The “mines” rolled throughout the grass and rods got here out of them, which hooked up themselves to his hips and started to drag him in the direction of the article.

At this level he misplaced consciousness, he didn’t know for a way lengthy however thought it may solely have been for one or two minutes.

When he got here to the objects have been gone and there have been marks and holes on the bottom, greater than 20 round or triangular indentations in the grass. Robert additionally had a nasty graze on his brow and one other one on his chin, and an unbelievable thirst.