Eyewitness describes the second she noticed an enormous hologram ‘unusual indicators’ in the sky above Temple Mount, Jerusalem. However, there may be greater than meets the attention – the thriller of this occasion has a really sinister edge.

The eyewitness who gave the impression to be a really calm oriented particular person, not disturbed simply, however fairly very self-aware of herself and environment noticed a hologram expertise, like mission Bluebeam, being examined to create an elaborate staged occasion of indicators and wonders across the Temple Mount?

Or is it potential that what she noticed is the impact of chemtrails? An impact created when the solar is reflecting heavy steel particles in the chemtrails. The ring of cloud could possibly be a chemtrail and the beams she is pointing to, is a ‘double sun dog’ impact, when the solar is catching the chemtrails after match when it dissipates?

In the following video the eyewitness talks concerning the mysterious sighting above Temple Mount.