Date of discovery: Dec three, 2017

Location of discovery: Mars, MER, Spirit, Sol 522

I wish to present you an instance of a very powerful proof of alien life that exists up to now. Sculpted faces inform us a lot concerning the aliens that after lived right here. It shows us their species, their expression, their character and most of all its 100% proof that they existed. When you have a look at it and see its curved hair of a beard and moustache, its highly effective form of its chin and decrease lip, its decided eye and forehead, its nostril sharp and small. You get some type of understanding of this species…and with all of the faces. I’d guess all of the faces I’ve discovered would simply whole as much as 50+ species on Mars, and different planets, moons in NASA and ESA images. Its one factor to discover a face, its one other to search out over a dozen or perhaps a hundred of the identical species. I’ve misplaced rely of all of the faces I’ve discovered through the years. Doesn’t matter. What issues is…they’re on the market. 

Scott C. Waring