On June 21, 2017, a pair witnessed a really unusual occasion within the sky over Montrose in Colorado.

Witness states: We have been on our entrance deck watching the sundown and sky when my husband noticed vivid lights coming from the west I bumped into the home to get my telephone and my husband bumped into the home to get his canon digital camera we took footage of the first one.

I took video with my telephone whereas he took nonetheless footage a second one got here from the identical path we’ve footage and video, finest description as a phoenix or angelic type.

Body lengthy silver jet sort or cylinder, with a attainable nostril pointing downward. Wings that have been curved upward 80 levels in direction of ambiance that have been fiery orange very vivid and a triangular clear veil that appeared translucent seemingly hanging off left wing with vivid orbs, we’re not positive if it circled our metropolis twice or there have been 2 one following the opposite.

It was cloudy on June 21, 2017 they usually each went northeast from the west into the clouds however not collectively they have been separate in timing, presumably they have been separate entities or one which was circling metropolis couldn’t see them circle due to the overcast within the northeast.

We couldn’t visually see the form till we downloaded pictures on the pc. We have been excited and nervous and we by no means have seen a machine that would even appear to be something of this world this isn’t the first time we’ve seen UFO’s out right here, although this one was totally different then the final 2 we noticed that have been collectively hovering over Burger King about four years in the past. Mufon case 84548.
Video: https://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/84548_submitter_file2__WP20170621004.mp4

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