Several meteors lit the sky over the United States and Europe on Tuesday evening.

Fireballs have been captured over Phoenix, over Southern Ohio and later in the evening two meteors crossed over France and the different over Germany which was seen as far-off as Italy and Switserland.

Although plainly these fireballs have been a minimum of considerably associated with the Tuarids and with the comet Encke, the fireballs that occurred in Arizona and France should not associated to the Tuarids resulting from their origin and route, the fireballs over Ohio and Germany have been most likely Tuarids.

Below movies present the fireball that flew throughout the Phoenix sky and captured by the Phoenix metropolis Cam and the fireball over Southern Ohio uploaded by J. Verrico on the American Meteor Society Website.

The American Meteor Society has famous earlier than that there was a dramatic improve in fireball /meteor exercise since the final two years.