Date of sighting: November 25, 2017, 23:59:29 UTC

NASA has by no means and would by no means launch an precise picture of this meteor to the general public. So, I’ve discovered it and am releasing it at the moment. This is the primary time anybody on the planet has ever seen the precise picture of 3200 Phaethon also called 1983TB. This meteor is claimed to be over three miles throughout  This huge meteor was named after a Greek god that just about destroyed earth in Greek mythology. 

NASA says the meteor was three.17 miles by .12 miles throughout, however apparently thats not true. You see, from visible observations in these screenshots because it handed our solar, if this meteor is really three.17 miles extensive…assuming NASA did not decrease this estimate to decrease public fear…I believe its extra about 5 miles extensive. Assuming three.17 to be true, then its true width can be nearer to half that or extra…1.585 miles extensive at the least. This means the .12 miles extensive estimate that NASA offers the general public is definitely 13.208 X smaller than it ought to be. 

So, lets assume I am flawed and this isn’t even Meteor 1983TB, then thats leaves us with an unknown, and in line with the Helioviewer…this darkish unknown object passing our solar is thrice the dimensions of Earth itself…in accordance to the picture of earth that Helioviewer has on its overlay to check measurement. If that’s true, how can the world not find out about one thing that measurement? And what the hell is it then? Consider additionally that this UFO stays darkish, as a result of its not even sizzling, but so near the solar that it ought to be burning crimson sizzling? Perhaps an enormous alien craft? 

I will depart it as much as you to resolve, 

Scott C. Waring-UFO Sightings Daily

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