UFO sightings have spiked dramatically over British Colombia the previous couple of months.

On Thursday April 27, 2017 at roughly 7:30 pm in West Kelowna, British Columbia, unusual flashing, rotating UFO lights within the sky have been observed by a father who was touring dwelling together with his three daughters.

The father states: I used to be touring within the southwest route and I seemed as much as my left and I observed a number of (roughly 6) flashing lights up within the sky that appeared to flashing and what I might describe as dancing within the sky.

At first, I wasn’t certain what to make of them. I assumed they have been some form of flares and even navy plane performing some form of train. But since I reside within the Okanagan valley and there aren’t any Air Force bases within the space, I knew they weren’t any of standard navy plane.

The objects that I used to be observing have been completely silent. I shortly pulled off to the facet of the highway and grabbed my cellphone obtained out of my automobile to start out video recording the lights.

Given the best way these objects have been shifting within the sky, I then realized that what I used to be witnessing was not a standard or simply explainable prevalence and was almost certainly Extra-Terrestrial in nature.