Currently NASA put’s their SOFIA day by day within the air. SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) is constructed right into a transformed Boeing 747SP.

SOFIA’s 2.5-meter (eight.2-foot)-diameter infrared telescope will make it the world’s largest and most delicate airborne observatory. Flying at 39,000 to 45,000 toes, it’ll allow scientific observations which can be unimaginable for even the most important and highest of Earth-based telescopes.

Already 4 days throughout dawn/sundown NASA is monitoring the solar however yesterday, June 12, 2017 flightradar24 shows that they monitoring Yellowstone National Park too.

Remember the Massive Lake of Molten Carbon the scale of Mexico not too long ago discovered below Yellowstone?

The molten carbonate sits beneath Yellowstone National Park, which in and of itself is an excellent volcano with the ability of an enormous eruption. The final main eruption was 640,000 years in the past at Yellowstone, nonetheless if the tremendous volcano did erupt it may trigger the US to enter a volcanic winter.

If NASA places its SOFIA within the air it is essential. This Bird of Prey does not go ‘searching’ until there’s something TO hunt, they watching one thing, wager on it!


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