A bizarre cigar-shaped object has been caught on digital camera by a customer to farm animals in Rigby, Idaho.

Visitor farm animals’ who has reported the sighting to the Mutual UFO Network, case 88945, states: Well my story is fairly easy however very fascinating. On July 9, 2017 we went to see our farm animals. They are in a distinct location than our dwelling. I made a decision to movie this occasion. Anyways, the time I used to be filming, I did not see or discover something bizarre.

It wasn’t till every week or so later after I replayed the film and found an object going extremely fast. I assumed it could be a glare or some kind of problem with my telephone digital camera. My telephone was principally 100% new on the time, so I spotted that wasn’t a problem.

The object was shifting so fast, I barely even seen it in the film playback. My eye appeared to catch it. It lasted for a quick second and vanished.

I managed to cease the video and made a GIF picture of it in gradual movement.

When I zoom in on it, I can see what look like antennas. This object was going far too fast to be man-made, however gradual sufficient to be caught on digital camera.

When I seen this object, I primarily was stunned that I caught a UFO on digital camera. I do have the unique video clip.

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