Anunnaki was the first very correct impartial film in a trilogy primarily based in the books of Zecharia Sitchin that must be launched in 2007, 2008 and 2009 nonetheless, the film was by no means launched.

A trilogy about the Anunnaki sojourn on Earth. Since the arrive 450.000 years ago, the pre/put up flood empires, the departure and the subsequent return after 2012.

Image: Scene out of the manufacturing of the forbidden film ‘Anunnaki’

In 2006 an unknown North-American director/producer, Jon Gress, began to movie what must be the most controversial film, ever. But one thing occurred.

The manufacturing was mysteriously shut down and any selling materials received banned from web and all the tracks of its existence had been erased from media, even the official web site of the film was shut down in addition to the e mail account of John Gress.

Image: Scene out of the manufacturing of the forbidden film ‘Anunnaki’

In July 5, 2006, earlier than the manufacturing all of a sudden was shut down, X-Squared Radio had been selling their ‘exclusive’ interview with Jon Gress.

Below an extract taken from the 2006 interview:

“The first digital movie in the Anunnaki Trilogy by Jaguar Films will set the time and place mankind made its greatest anthropological leap forward. “This is the first full-length motion picture to factually show how the Sumerians were influenced to suddenly become the most advanced civilization in the world. Many people still do not know that there were flying machines on the Earth well before the Egyptians reached their zenith.”

“Cuneiform writing suddenly appears in many places throughout the world. Advanced knowledge about the stars, agriculture, animal husbandry, and even social structures is introduced to mankind by advanced civilizations. This film shows how that was done in a way that will write history the way it should have been written in the first place.”

“Don’t miss this world exclusive interview. Find out how the Anunnaki worked with early mankind. The story behind the trilogy is true. The evidence is stunning. This independent film is about to change the course of movie history…”

Image: Scene out of the manufacturing of the forbidden film ‘Anunnaki’

For positive, the trilogy can be the definitive proof that the Anunnaki story was true and never a hoax or an city legend and it will lastly get up the individuals to the true story of human historical past.

Despite tptb put a lot effort into burying the Anunnaki story they weren’t environment friendly sufficient to get rid of the complete knowledge.

Thanks to the efforts of researchers who need to uncover the reality, we’ve gathered the final and really uncommon evidences of this film in the following movies.

You can have a far concept about what it was prevented of being launched.