In 2006, former Arizona governor Fife Symington admitted to being a witness to Arizona’s most well-known UFO sighting, and that he believed it to be of extraterrestrial origins. His statements made worldwide information.

In affiliation with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Phoenix Lights UFO occasion, James Fox, the documentarian that first obtained Symington’s confession shared by no means earlier than seen footage from the interview throughout his presentation on the 2016 International UFO Congress.

Now, with Fox’s permission, we current the interview right here for our readers.

In the newly launched footage, Symington says he believes the UFO sighting was escalated up the chain of command.

“Issues like this go up the chain of command all the way to the Pentagon,” explains Symington. “We called the Pentagon…I think they knew there had been sightings, but they weren’t talking about it.”

As for the official Air Force response that the UFOs were flares, Symington says that’s “total bunk.”

“I have seen high altitude flares before. There is no way they were flares.”

When it involves what flew over Phoenix in March of 1997, Symington says, “It has never been explained.”

What is now known as “The Phoenix Lights,” was a flap of UFO sightings on March 13, 1997. It has saved Arizona buzzing ever since. Over 1000 witnesses reportedly got here ahead, together with former Arizona Governor Fife Symington.

Symington first admitted to seeing the item throughout this interview with Fox. Fox supplied Symington with testimony from a number of witnesses who were upset with the way in which Symington handled the incident in 1997.

Symington then admitted to Fox he had additionally seen the item, and he agreed it was unworldly. Fox was not anticipating this response.

After the interview, information of Symington’s confession leaked and he was requested to share his expertise with CNN and different information shops.