Date of sighting: 2002, reported this week

Location of sighting: Morelia, Mexico

Here is a newly reported sighting, however was recorded again in 2002 in Mexico. A TV cameraman reported seeing it and it does have a raised higher middle which makes me know its a disk. Mexico has plenty of Volcanos and a few of these are used as entrances to underground alien bases. This can also be why the traditional Aztecs and Mayans noticed the volcanos as gods..or extra so…the house of gods. 

Scott C. Waring

Video states: 

In the yr of 2002, the skilled cameraman that at the moment labored in tv Michoacán, Guino Pérez, was in a position to seize together with his video digital camera a wierd and unknown static discoidal object and realizing nocturnal actions on the hill of the Punhuato in Morelia Mexico, materials that We had been in a position to know and examine in the intervening time from the fingers of the writer of the video, passing all of the analyzes and having the ability to corroborate that it was an genuine case, and that for all its traits, is without doubt one of the most fascinating captured at first of the 21st century in our nation.