The High Resolution Imaging digital camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an odd spot on the floor of the planet Mars.

According to NASA/JPL the exceptional spot is a small crater on North Polar layered deposits.

But is it only a crater? If you have a look at the unique black and white HIRISE picture then it appears as one thing has crashed, leaving a path behind or may it’s the doorway to an underground alien base, given the unnatural wanting construction?

Using Google Mars (coordinates: 81.three° 91.5°) and we evaluate the item depicted within the Google Mars picture with the unique NASA/JPL black and white picture then it’s wonderful to find that the spot seems fairly completely different and we might wonder if they’ve edited the Google Mars picture to cover one thing or not.

Left: Original NASA/JPL picture – Right: Google Mars Image.

Crashed UFO, underground base entrance or only a crater?

Link to the unique NAS/JPL picture: