The following photographs taken with a mobile phone on July 9, 2016 present a decloaking UFO in a weird shaped rainbow cloud over Washougal, WA.

The photographer of the wonderful photographs states: There are two witnesses together with myself: Both skilled and credible, one an engineer with lecturers US Air Force Academy (engineering) and Washington (Seattle), the opposite from University Of California.

One hour earlier than the occasion we seen some weird clouds so we determined to take some photos. We then went to retailer and on return an hour later we seen the weird clouds once more however now from a marina 5 miles away.

We stopped to take extra photos as now two brief and unusual coloured rainbows had been part of the eventualities. One rainbow is definitely seen in the photographs.

Started taking photos and inside a 2 second window the clouds open up (cloak misplaced?), and also you see what we noticed…one witness virtually fainted.

In particular person you can see that object was big, and that photos may solely be seeing the underside half of this “pyramid” on a facet with sharp edges, however we might see reduction and contours (vents, home windows, appendages, and so on.).

It was about 5 miles away, appeared like 5 miles large by eight miles lengthy, the seen half, and there aren’t any mountains even near this space like that.

We watched for 15 minutes and it quickly turned cloaked once more 20 minutes later however we didn’t see that really happen. Mufon case 82110.