The Washington Post Friday, May 11, 2001.

The U.S. Government has been overlaying up proof of extraterrestrial visits for greater than 50 years an array of 20 retired Air Force, F.A.A. and intelligence officers stated…

The 20 witnesses have been a fraction of the 400 who’re keen to testify underneath oath and underneath congressional immunity…

Image: Moon UFO – Anomaly. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1

December 2017; nothing has modified, the U.S. Government and NASA nonetheless cover-up proof of the existence of interstellar alien spacecraft in our photo voltaic system and extraterrestrial visits to our planet.

Image: Moon UFO – Anomaly. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1.

Even the Cassini probe made clear photos of Saturn’s moons, like Promethius, Atlas, Pan, Daphnes and a Trojan follower of Thethys. Moons that is probably not moons in any respect however big extraterrestrial area craft cloaked as moons, just like the Martian moon Phobos which might be additionally a cloaked alien satellite tv for pc.

Image: Saturn’s Moon Promethius. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1.

Image: Saturn’s Moon Atlas. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1.

Image: Saturn’s Moon Pan. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1.

More and extra people are not accepting the UFO and alien cover-up!

TheRealJimmyRoberts1 is among the individuals who not settle for any longer the silence of the U.S. Government and NASA and has began his personal investigation to convey out the reality.

Image: Saturn’s Moon Daphnes. Credit: TheRealJimmyRoberts1.

In the wonderful video under he presents robust pictorial proof of alien spacecraft from the 1972 Apollo16 Mission to the moon in addition to from the Cassini probe photos of Saturn’s moons.

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